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Seeing the Form

Art does not merely imitate nature. Art imitates grace perfecting nature.

Contemplation ultimately reminds us that every point of the finite is open to the infinite. And if the two can and do fully interpenetrate, then the old maxim that art imitates nature (in the analogical sense) can be more profoundly understood and restated as art imitates grace perfecting nature. The role of art thus becomes a visual safeguard of gratuity over-against every functionalism or reductionism or essentialism, a continual reminder that everything is gift, and that our every response should be one of gratitude (for art is essentially a response of gratitude for creation arising from a love of beauty). It is here that sacred art and architecture are called to bear specific witness by calling the individual and the community to a universal act of gratitude in the imitation of the Christological form through the highly personal…

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Aphorism for the day

A Strange Story

This is the story of Tavar, a homeless man who lived underneath the NimitzViaduct in Honolulo, Hawaii in 1987. The account was given by Ric Agnes, a Bannawag columnist living in Hawaii.

Mr. Agnes said that the body of the deceased was discovered by authorities and they found out he was a Filipino who had immigrated to the island state before the Second World War.

His body and the little personal effects with him was given to the Pilippine Consulate, that also was responsible for giving him a decent burial.  The burial was made possible because enough money was found inside his wallet the day he was discovered. 

Other documents found inside his carton shack showed that he was originally from Carcar, Cebu, a province in the Central Visayas, the Philippines. A search for relatives in that province was made prior to the burial, but nobody approached the Consulate officer to offer assistance. 

Thus, notices was published three times in a newspaper of general circulation in Hawaii, statingng the full name of the deceased, including amount of money that was discovered in his possession. The amount reports Mr. Agnes is now over 200,000, in PH pesos or US dollars, he didn’t state.

Mr. Agnes remarks that since the newspaper publication over 20 individuals surfaced to claim the inheritance. The authorities have not made any award to any of the claimants. He remarked Cebuano claimants from the deceased hometown also are claiming that the family name is Tavar, and not Tabar, to no avail.

This is a strange story of belated claim that is tantamount to cupidity. 

We have yet to see the end of this story.

A Strange Story

Yeah, movie houses locate their pee room outside. It’s really a misery especially if you are watching Les Misarables and you are set to go.

TheaterPeeHeader copy

To pee, or not to pee? That is the question. Everyone who has ever gone to a movie knows this predicament- whether ’tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of painfully watching a movie when you have to relieve yourself, or to take arms against a sea of porcelain and miss a few minutes of a movie you’ve paid to see. To help you determine the best possible time to pee during a movie, I’ve created this flowchart.

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